Artbank Collection

Two of my works are in the Artbank Australia Collection:

Find them at the Artbank Website.


Melbourne-based artist Grace Wood compiles images sourced online into layered collages with complex associations. She creates ‘original’ works of art from images that are many steps removed from their original sources. Wood graduated from the Victorian College of the Arts with a Bachelor of Fine Art: Honours in 2014. That year her work was included in ‘Hatched: National Graduate Show’ at Perth Institute of Contemporary Art. ‘I Extend My Hands’ and ‘I am in Training Don’t Kiss Me (Yellow)’ are compilations of images of hands and bodies from paintings, sculptures and photographs. Hands point, reach, grasp and offer, drawing out the double meaning of ‘digital’ as referring to both technology and touch. We cannot touch digital images, but when printed onto fabric, these intangible digital files are rendered tactile again. Images online are in constant cycles of circulation and degradation. Wood plucks these images out of the cycle and, through a digital print process, brings them back into the real world.