A weird kind of fiction-consumption


LON Gallery, VIC

25 September – 19 October 2019

In this exhibition, images have personhood, images talk about themselves to each other, images record a story. The exhibition re-images the digital cloud to be a cushion, to be a bed, to be a soft, tactile thing. In this exhibition, images are made softer, printed onto fabric; made tougher, pasted onto walls. Images are placed together, they relate to each other, they talk, they make friends. An image as an object as a person as a thing.

Our digestion of the world correlates with a collection of images. These are things we see and take photos of, save on web browsers, like on social media. These image items are translated passively from foreground to background as time passes, to become images sitting in a camera roll, objects which are and are not real, which exist in a vacuum, exist in a cloud, migrate into corners of technology, set up camp on page eight of a google image search, but are never discarded.

Documentation by Adam Stone