2014     Bachelor of Fine Art (Honours – First Class), Victorian College of the Arts, Southbank
2013     Bachelor of Fine Art (Photography), Victorian College of the Arts, Southbank
2010    Bachelor of Creative Art and Culture, Australian Catholic University, Fitzroy

Solo Exhibitions

2018    Angels, Schoolhouse Studios, VIC
2017    Like a Hasselblad on the moon, West Space, VIC
2016    Feigned Indifference, Sutton Project Space, VIC
2015    Moving On/Up, Bus Projects, VIC
2014    Blue Moves, Seventh Gallery, VIC
2013    Zen #2: On Maintaining Enlightenment, c3 Contemporary Art Space, VIC

Selected Group Exhibitions

2018     B – side, Blindside, VIC
             Fundraising Exhibition, Schoolhouse Studios, VIC
Looking but not Seeing, Curated by Kiron Robinson, Benalla Art Gallery, VIC
             Spring 1883 (with LON Gallery), The Hotel Windsor, VIC
             There is a pain – so utter, Curated by Beth Rose Caird, Gertrude Glasshouse, VIC
             Sister Cister, Old Red Bus Station, Leeds, UK
             Last Drinks, LON Gallery, VIC

2017    West Space Fundraiser 2017, West Space, VIC
             SATURATED : SATURATION, Sister Gallery, SA
             is this necessary, Cut Thumb Laundry, QLD
            FOCUS Photography Festival, Mumbai, India
            9X5, Margaret Lawrence Gallery, VIC
            The List, Seventh Gallery, VIC (curator)

2016    Is/Is Not, Curated by Kiron Robinson, West Space, VIC
            SOAP @ KINGS, Kings ARI, VIC
            Salon, Centre for Contemporary Photography, VIC
            Annual Fundraiser, Seventh Gallery, VIC (curator)
            SOAP at Listahaskoli Islands, Iceland Academy of the Arts, Reykjavik
            Push, Seventh Gallery, VIC (curator)
            West Space Fundraiser 2016, West Space, VIC
            Curtain Call, Blindside, VIC (curator)
            Faux Studio, c3 Contemporary Art Space, VIC

2015    Some of them got the first look, Curated by Jack Brown, Kings ARI, VIC
             SOAP: Archiving and Fragmentation in the Digital Age, Fort Delta, VIC

2014    VCA Graduate Exhibition, Margaret Lawrence Gallery, VIC
             From the window, To the wall, Fort Delta, VIC
             Artist’s Books Reprised, George Paton Gallery, VIC
             Hatched, Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, WA
             re/work; Rebuilding aesthetic form, Kings ARI, VIC (curator and artist)

2013     VCA Graduate Exhibition, Victorian College of The Arts, VIC
             Tell me what you want, what you really really want, Knight Street, VIC
             Eastern Standard Time, Queensland Centre for Photography (QCP), QLD
             Majlis Travelling Scholarship, Margaret Lawrence Gallery, VIC
             RE: Image Received, George Paton Gallery, VIC
             We’ve been thinking about expanding*, VCA Student Gallery, VIC

2012     The Grid Show: A Structured Space, George Paton Gallery, VIC
             Still. Life, VCA Student Gallery, VIC
             Transitions, c3 Contemporary Art Space, VIC
             Proud, Margaret Lawrence Gallery, VIC (curator and artist) 



2016       Australian Centre for Photography Most Critically Engaged Work, CCP Salon, VIC
2014       Hatched Finalist, Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, WA
2014       Recipient of the Fiona Myer Award, VIC
2013       Recipient of the Jennifer Bowskill Photographic Award, VIC
2013       Recipient of the $10,000 Majlis Travelling Scholarship Award, VIC
2012       Selected for 89plus, curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist and Simon Castets
2011       Recipient of the Proud Martin Foley Artist Award, Margaret Lawrence Gallery, VIC
2009      Exhibit Selection into Regional Top Arts, VIC



2018              Artist Volunteer, Pyramid of Arts, Leeds, UK
2015–17        Board Member, Seventh Gallery ARI, Fitzroy
2014              Internship with Brooke Babington at SLOPES Gallery, Fitzroy
2012–14        Volunteer, West Space, Melbourne
2010–11        Internship with Gemma-Rose Turnbull for Red Light Darkroom, St Kilda